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May 2010 - "The Fruitful Pear" / "The Friendship Issue" The Fruit-Predominant Diet. "Why Do We Struggle With Food?", "Health & Enlightenment", "Do I Need To Be Certified?", "Do You Want Your Children to Be Like You?", "The Connection Between Apples & Asthma?",Is Your Liver Working Like It Should?Juicing: Why NOT? FREE juice recipes for a huge list of conditions! Candice, daughter of Teresa Jordan (Raw T), so beautifully and gracefully explains LOVE, Penny guides Charlie through the posture, one that will help you get out of the head and into the heart.

March 2010, our Yoga Issue! The art that you are! Yoga wallpaper, "My Beautiful Body" Prayer for Women, Affirmations for Health & Beauty, Yoga Styles & Devotion by Penny, poetry, Raw Cashew Cheese, Home Spa, Aloe & Olive Oil Facial, Sophia Loren's beauty secret, Women's International Summit for Health...featuring Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Marci Shimoff, and over 40 other luminaries in the field of wellness, Inexpensive Interior Decorating, The X-Factor, the simple factor you need to achieve your goals, Conquering Candida by Jinjee, Breath of Life... a breathtaking poem, Finding Support from a Non-Raw Partner, All Dried Up combined with Food & Flexibility, Barefoot Beauty..the joy of feet! Double Your Balance in 24, A Sweet Tart Concoction, top 30 Superfoods, ANDI, the Aggregate Nutrient Density Index, Tim and Vanessa Johansson on journey with Huichol Indian Shaman, mp3 audio interviews...

January 2010. raw vegan Raspberry-Ripple Cheesecake, Angela Elliott's Cheesecake from her upcoming "Decadent Gourmet", Simple ways to become healthier.", Eating for Bliss, how to grow 6000 pounds of vegetables right in your own backyard, simple spa treatments you can do at home to improve your skin, How to exfoliate with grapefruit peel which may help stretch marks look less visible, prevent age spots, and even help acne, The Wonders of Skin Brushing, Adidas athletic shoes' raw health embassador, the beautiful Rainbeau Mars is featured on how yoga can boost your immunity, Growing Yourself Rich, predictions for 2010 for mom bloggers, tips on integrating academics in a holistic manner.

October-November '09 - The Beauty Issue - Florida artist Sophia Dare Dentiste, food and body wisdom from "The Essene Gospel of Peace, Jinjee and her beautiful cousin Erica from Sweden chat about Motherhood as Meditation, Holiday Recipes, Living Earth Beauty's Jill Bickford on yummy raw-vegan beauty products, "Raw Teeth", increasing or staying raw, Living Water by Vanessa Johansson, Happiness & Good Friendships by Charlie Pinkston, Pear winner, Andrea Gauzza-Langlie, reflects on her "Journey to the Heart" session with Ann Kiyonaga-Razon from Grace of the Heart Healing, Taking the Mystery out of "Alternative", Staying Prayer-filled over the Holidays with Prayer Goddesses, Videos with Teresa Jordan and Jazmuheen, women who have taken raw beauty to the next level, Penny's thoughts on Thankfulness.

September/October 2009 - "Following Your Bliss", raw chef Eva Rawposa's Raisin Walnut Truffles, Teresa Jordan - "My Raw Role Model" 52-year-old phenomenon, Raw T, "Ask Jinjee" pregnancy and child-birthing questions, dirt samples from all around the world, TheMomSalon, "The Case Against Homework" , the Ergo Baby Carrier review, David Boette poetry of eternal hope, 8 Great Tips for Financial Security by Lauren Lyons-Cole, Imani Folayan-Barberousse "our thoughts are prayers", moving on from life on earth. Bliss and food! video "Tip Clips". *Put de Straw in de Coconut, Juicing 101, and The Green Smoothie with Penny Powell, The Un-Green Smoothie with Eva Rawposa, Finding Balance with Emile Aucello, A Meditation Vacation and Finding Bliss with Ann Kiyonaga-Razon, Beet-Stained Beauty with Charlie Pinkston

The August 2009 issue, Awakening The Goddess Within" inspired by a class preparing women for a tremendous shift of energy, Canadian-based artist Christel Schmidt, who just happens to be Jinjee's mom gives insightful tips for moms, all about Jinjee, a review of Anastasia, The Raw Vegan Mystic Light Bringer in the Forest, Letting Go To Receive by Ka Sundance, Penny's Life Coach, an Energetics Scan session, The importance and benefits of "Change and Silence", Helping our children learn 'who' they are, juicing for knee problems, weight loss plateaus on the raw diet, curing depression with raw foods, and how to argue with a medicine man who is strongly against raw food, "The Right Way to Eat Fruit", Cascading Sunsets, tap in to abundance to come up with a great idea and light up the world with love, The Order of Life: A Revelation by Bermudian-born and based, Trena Riley, protecting our body's vibration, Julie Pitcher's Reviews of Yoga DVD's created by Raw-Vegan Yoga Instructors, A New Yoga Perspective by Tom Wagner, Bermuda: One Big Garden by Caroline Burgess (Penny's mom), Penny's Bottling Health blog, review of Blendtec's Total Blender,The Mysterious Case of the Long-term Raw Vegan, and the Theory of Rejuvenation.

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We are sad to announce that after 7 years we can no longer keep Pear Magazine going! We are very grateful to all of our readers and our excellent editor Penny Powell. After Penny left us for a yoga teaching career, I was able to pull together a final issue, but with running my "Go Raw" Programs I found I did not have the time to dedicate to continuing Pear at this time! I hope to bring it back to life in future, perhaps with the help of a new editor!

For now, we are making the seven years of archives available for only $9.95! You can read all about the archived issues' articles on this page! I hope you'll sign up and enjoy years worth of reading about the raw lifestyle, following our hearts, parenting, happiness and other topics branching off of health and spirituality!

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Dec 2010 Pear

"Letter from the Editor" - which is now me again! Including a little nostalgia for my dear former editor Penny Powell, who has moved deeper yet in to her own life's work…
- by Jinjee Talifero

"AromaYoga" - Our feature article / interview with the creator of the most delightful essential oils I've ever tried, explores in-depth the usefulness and healing qualities of aroma to uplift our moods in many different ways, to further our total well-being, in combination with Yoga and working with the Chakras (our physical-spiritual energy centers). An article that is both inspiring and full of actual tools for raising our vibrations! - An interview with Tanja Bochnig by Jinjee Talifero

"Every Body is Different - Various Ways to Eat Raw" - The real science behind raw foods. Some ways to manage if 100% raw is not your path. Managing raw in the winter. Considering where we are at in our spiritual development. Why things usually balance out in the end.
- by Jinjee Talifero

"Positive Mental Talk" - More thoughts on my favorite subject! How to enjoy your own mental space. How your thoughts show you your path. What to do with negative thoughts.
- by Jinjee Talifero

"Raw Foods on a Budget" - A wonderful article by food researcher Brandi Rollins with the added life experience of nearly 10 years as a "starving student" and raw vegan, this article will have you confident that with a little knowledge and planning and help from Brandi you can go raw no matter what your finances.
- by Brandi Rollins, MS

"Raw Homeschooling" - A tender look at one Mother-Daughter experience with letting life be their teacher, and the magic that follows.
- by Alejandra Hernando

"Adventures of a New Raw Educator" - One of our new "Grand Dame" / "Raw Vegan Educators" / contributors from The Raw Vegan Network, Linda Clark talks about healing herself with raw foods, starting a new business at 60, and helping others realize they have a choice… "In our churches we pray for so many sick people that I decided to do this. I am in the business of telling people what they do not want to hear, but somebody has to do it. It is called the truth. It is called facing it. It is called a choice. Some think I am crazy because they just don’t understand that food that is alive is needed in the body to allow it to live. And… dead food decays the body eventually… destroying it. It shouldn’t be called ‘aging’ it should be called ‘decaying’…and we are doing this to ourselves. WE CAN AGE WITHOUT DECAYING!" - by Linda Clark (dba) Naturally Nana’s

"Raw Food and The Bible" - How raw food and God go together for this spirited woman.
- by Linda Clark (dba) Naturally, Nana’s

"From Overweight and Miserable to Lean and Self-Assured" - Another of our Grand Ol' Dames of Raw, Peggy Hudson Carey brings her amazing story of weight loss, how she makes the raw diet work for her, her adventures in aromatherapy and her "Be-Lean Whiffer".
- by Peggy Hudson Carey

"Lady Gaga Gross-Out" - Why the Lady Gaga meat dress might just have been a very helpful mistake! Did everyone totally miss the point or was it an accident!? - by Jinjee Talifero

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Why Pear?

People are moving towards an organic way of life. Perhaps we are coming full circle through the cycles of science, industry and technology back to a new and expanded focus on the natural order of things, the beautiful way things grow when there is no interference. Perhaps we are seeking ways to make our complex lives more harmonious. And perhaps you have been waiting for a magazine like PEAR, a pivot point to give voice to this movement of people's hearts and minds at this very special point in time! If so, welcome! I hope you will enjoy Pear Magazine Archives Online!

What some folks are saying about Pear Magazine:

"...I had tears of joy rolling down my cheeks as I read all the magic in this extraordinary and special issue! My heart is overflowing with gratitude..." ~ Angelina

"...I love the magazine and the articles...and outlook!" ~ SW

I was emotionally moved by your dedication to truth and helping people with the real message of health.

It is time the myths be untangled and the realization be known that we are all entitled to an incredible state of health; and that it is possible - once we remove all the man-made foods we have been programmed to think are superior to nature's own.

Heather Jamieson


Pear is.......

women, uplifting, inspiring, enlightening, entertaining, joyous, fun, sharing, educational, useful, relaxing, empowering, new, habit-forming, page-turning, truthful, special, and totally delectable!

In our August 2008 Issue.....

Chris, Before

Chris, After

More Pear Magazine Online Archives......

In the Big Juicy Summer Pear of 2009 we have loads of great summer reads for you! Eating directly from the earth, living directly from our core, green "medicine" for vision, useful tips for eating organic on a tight budget, regulating the bowels, how cooked food causes cancer, from what sources we can get B12 and protein on a raw diet, the benefits of getting the whole family to eat raw, the Hippie-Mama's Guide to Housekeeping, Health as a Journey to Self-Knowledge, Nursing A Baby As A Spiritual Journey, Working on My Faith, The Goal of My Work, Music, a River of Love, Eco Biz, the role of corporations in changing the world, raw families in Europe and New Mexico, the Green Smoothie Experiment (with recipes), tasty Walnut Burger recipe, "Silent Witness" interview, Journey to the Heart Contemplation, healer, Ann Kiyonaga-Razon, Jinjee's "Singing Therapy", Poetry Corner, "Aligning with the Divine" and "Pure Being", Youth and Yoga with a Florida basketball league.

In the April 2009: uplifting music, poetry, and video, "Recession Buster: Ask For Money and It is Given - The Secret to Getting Money" and "Recession Proof Your Health through Planting a Garden". "Nature's Candy - A Gift to The Children of the World!" - the joys of spiritual social networking! how music has helped break some not-so-good eating habits. Detoxifying The Body and Getting Fit With Sleep! Dealing With Non-Raw Friends and Family who 'attack' your raw-food position. Harvest nettles and grow sprouts. 40 Reasons Yoga Heals. 40 tips for making your life work better!

The March 2009 Pear has a fun 30-day YouTube adventure with a video-a-day-dose of Inspiration! These are intended to be for fun, learning, and to give you a chance to try something new! You'll hear from enlightened adults and children and get glimpses of juicing, learn about raw foods, listen to music, pray, meditate, do yoga, rebound, hike, and more. And you absolutely must listen to the spectacular raw food gurus on our "Pear Tree" -- such as Karyn Calabrese, Tonya Zavasta, Storm and more!

The Feb 2009 Pear: Opening Our Hearts. There is only love, and it is the reason that we are alive. Sacred Heart-Opening Practice, Sanctuary poem, Children's Hearts by Penny Powell, Sacred Relationships by Julie Redstone, Mila, the Heart of Chia by Penny Powell, The Way of the Open Heart by Raymond Powers, Strip Down To Love, Eating For Beauty, Health & Pleasure: A Raw Food Quick-Start Program, Belated Valentine's Gifts, My Heart Laughs (a poem), Journey to My Heart by Penny Powell, new video from Storm all about going 100% raw, why fresh is best, staying raw, sculpting a body, getting the most out of the raw diet, rejuvenation, building raw muscle, Jinjee on fighting her food demons....

The January 2009 Pear dances into being in honor of following our hearts - connecting, empowering, and inspiring women, - sharing our hearts, our stories, our spirits. Victoria Boutenko on Raising Raw Teens! Philip McCluskey, losing half his body weight on raw foods, audio following your heart, the Yoga of Eating, raising your consciousness about food, Bottling Health, yoga to open our hearts, yoga poem, when a child is taken away, Musical Journal, how colors affect you, creating new truths instead of New Year's Resolutions. "The Business of Following our Hearts", how to teach children to follow their hearts, "Raw Children's Teeth Preservation", how to make sit-ups fun and easy with an exercise ball to get in to your stomach muscles like never before!

December 2008 Pear - The Giving Pear - raw Christmas candy recipe and other fun online gifts for you from Sonja, reflections on building community, why the future of the world depends on women, why the women of Kenya, Africa have planted over 30 million trees! Food that will make you glow, foods that are good for different body parts, tree pose for holiday balance - a meaningful yoga game for kids and adults, holiday survival plan from Jinjee, embodying yoga at M Body Yoga, an intimate journey into an amazing yoga class experience that will move you to tears and make you long to sweat! Take a journey inside your body! Heidi Ohlander's truly raw interview, Penny's Christmas cruise, how to create your own traditions and rituals, where to find raw and vegan restaurant, food, and book reviews, new year's RawSolutions! ...And a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

The November 2008 Thankfulness Issue, Beyonce, the power of Mother Nature, staying grateful!, pumpkin pie, raw vegan Thanksgiving, Figgy Apple Nut Cookies, Red Pepper Cheese Dip, Blueberry Pudding, Spicy Sweet Potato Soup, green juice recipe, tips for Now Cleaning, holistic cleanse, perfect energy - Divine Perfection, a miracle of mathematics, perfect harmony, Holiday Gratitude, Eating Mindfully, Raw Food and Kids, gratitude in adversity, Celebrating the election of Barack Obama, A Green White House, the shift in consciousness, dreaming big about health in America, the prosperity prayer, raising sons, Celebrating the Present, recycling, Living Foods Educator Course.

The September 2008 issue of Pear Magazine Online, The Womanly Power Issue, features raw women around the world from Annalise Jones' incredible all-natural home-birth story in the United States to Shemittah and what raw life looks like in Israel! Raw chefs and coaches from The Raw Vegan Network - Chana Mark, who sends "Fruits of the Land" from Israel and Nancy Telfer, sending "Rawsome Nutrition" from Ontario, Canada. "Finding the Genie in Your Genes", discovering your archetypal personality and ancestral patterns, complimentary guide and workbook, interview with Laurette Willis, creator of TBN's PraiseMoves fitness DVDs, "Transform your workout into worship!" 'Mighty Warrior Women's Workout', Regular Pear Magazine contributor Annalise Jones writes about how she prepared her body, mind, and spirit, and how God guided her labor for a painless childbirth with her second baby, after almost dying in delivering her first! Highlights from The Raw Vegan Village's first core group meeting, and from Raw Spirit Fest!

In the October 2008 issue conscious-reggae party! Positivity and love with Bob Marley, interview with Ziggy Marley. The Other Breast Pain, Breast Cancer and Bras, Massage Awareness Month, 20 Reasons Why You Should Get A Massage, healing chronic pain with massage. Brenda Cobb on raw and living foods and natural therapies to heal breast and cervical cancer. How Cynthia Stiles healed from heavy substance abuse. Raymond Powers' Simple Brilliance, A Return to Innocence, exercises to tap in to your own innocence, passion, and joy! Sprouting Food, gorgeous recipes, Spicy Carrot Sprouts Soup, Spicy Kale Tomato Sprouts Soup and Carrot Avocado Sprouts Soup. How sprouts can help you loose weight! Walking Barefoot foot massage! Getting Raw With Your Votes! - help get more mainstream exposure for raw and living foods.The Clutter-Free Diva program and BES program with Angela Stokes. One Love, One Heart, One Destiny!

The August 2008 issue A bumper crop of new raw vegan fruits of the movement, fresh and delicious new people. Stay Focused On The Positive, the power of your thoughts and feelings, focusing your attention on what you really want, Raw Recipes: Gazpacho, Summer Peach Pie, Zucchini Carrot Dill Salad, Kale/Apple/Lemon green drink, Red and Yellow Watermelon/Banana Drink, Veggie Burgers, 22 minute workout, Penny's mini raw retreat - for family! Kathryn Mitchell's 12 Tips for Raising Your Vibration! Time out to contemplate how you are feeling, The Parenting Manual we never imagined existed, from Shannon Leone, the magic mirror, our most hidden inner-self, attuning our hearts with our children, children as love letters from God, Diet Products Are A Death Sentence, by Joe Kasper, Jinjee's Green Dreams Section, The Green Dream Home, The House that cures cancer, A non-toxic life, The joys of organic hemp and bamboo clothing, electricity-free sleeping, edible landscapes, Birthing the Raw Vegan Village, paradigm shift to valuing the person, compassionate corporation, nurturing true life's work, Storm's new green dream home building firm, the need for Spa Raw, co-housing communities as a new kind of home entertainment, 120 acres of raw organic green living, Interview with UK raw beauty, medium, and raw food delivery business owner Zoe Desmond, the UK’s first national raw food meal delivery service, shocking personality changes due to raw food! misconceptions about mediums, raw potlucks warm glow, what you eat changes your choice of thoughts, experience of emotions, Divine Love and Transformational Energy, personal power, becoming more closely connected to Spirit, God in all His forms

The June - July 2008 issue of Pear Magazine Online - welcoming summer! Melissa Gilbert's life, her powerful motivation to stay raw, and how she juggles motherhood, a raw vegan daycare, and all the changes in her life! "What's Your Zone?" about finding what you love, and "Blessed Unrest", a book that is changing the world - how nonprofits are changing the world! "Eat Light, Shed Pounds and Detoxify" and "Positive Changes Equal A Better Life" by the amazing Brenda Cobb, owner of the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, review of Angela Stokes' new book "Raw Emotions", "Jumping Like A Kid!" by Penny.

April 2008 issue of Pear Magazine - Focus on Spring Cleansing - juicing in particular, with an in depth and inspiring interview with David and Katrina, the couple who created of The very popular Juice Feasting program. Reviews on raw books and on poi spinning, and articles including a raw pregnancy update from Annalise with links to raw pregnancy resources, a report from the front lines of the Body Enlightenment System program currently in session, Three Steps to Happiness, a new accidental recipe from Penny, the Joys of Blogging, the practical aspects to juice feasting, why and how to juice feast, and the secrets to sticking with it! Melissa Gilbert reviews Matt Monarch's new book Raw Success, in which it states that a 100% Raw Food Diet without vegetable juices is a deficient diet. The Joys of Blogging will inspire you to take that dive!

February 2008's love-filled issue starts out with a pear-licious poem by our Editor in Chief, Penny Powell, who delivers a more inspired issue each and every time with the help of our passionate and ultra-loving writers who share their wit and wisdom from their hearts each month! Whether your big love in life is your romantic partner or all of humanity, whether your heart is with the divine or delights in the beauty of the natural world, this issue will fill you with love and light, of that I'm sure! Valentine's Day e-cards with artwork and romantic poetry by Storm Talifero, Annalise Jones' e-book review about Jinjee's Yoga of Nursing with baby Yarrow, healing tips from Brenda Cobb, learn to embrace LOVE from the loving Sonja Watt, connecting with the Earth, Green Edibles, creatively divine raw food, following your truth with a positive mood, Romantic Exotic Fruit Salad recipe for Two

January 2008 issue: why and how to set reasonable goals for the new year, by Tera Warner, how to pay mindful attention to our body here and now, and the wonders that this acceptance can bring to our progression! Penny Powell updates us on her fulfilling progress under Karen Knowler's raw food coaching. Adele Azar-Rucquoi writes about Money As Sacrament. And Christian counselor Terre Grable gives us practical advice on improving our relationships with our teenagers.Annalise Jones talks about her raw pregnancy challenges and how she came to an acceptance of her body's messages.

Musician and film-maker Julie Pitcher talks about her 100% raw pregnancy, working through her cooked food cravings, and the ultimate joys of her experience. She also challenges circumcision, ultrasounds, and other common notions surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. Interview with raw chef Kristen Suzanne covering how a website developer merges her online raw publishing business with her raw lifestyle, a recipe for RAW COSMIC CARROT SALAD WITH DEVILED MANGO DRESSING and a link to many more recipes where that came from! The Raw Diva brings a new monthly column, the Inspiration Corner to Pear Magazine!

Dec 2007 issue: Eco-gift wrapping, The Yabba Pot Cafe Raw Challenge, How to Throw the Ultimate Raw Holiday Party! Raw Christmas recipes including hazelnut snowballs - a gorgeous raw vegan Christmas gift! The Raw Diva Detox interview, a new reason to eat fruits and veggies when nursing a baby, how to be lovingly present for our loved ones who are dealing with grief, Raw Holiday Survival Tips from the Ohlanders, The Christmas Wreath Salad, The 12 Days of Feng Shui Christmas, Penny's new eBook - ABC Look For Me!

November 2007 Issue: Thanksgiving with not a turkey in sight! Spicing up your holidays, dealing with your family, a raw vegan traditional thanksgiving recipe, raw teens share their gratitude for their untraditional lives through writing and poetry, gorgeous raw people interviews, Penny describing the wonderful therapy of Karen Knowler’s coaching in an article about her own raw vegan lifestyle tune-up! Karen also shares with us her knowledge about which raw foods and spices will help us stay warm during the cooler months. "Can You Have A Raw Thanksgiving?", a freedom dish, children's Thanksgiving yoga

October 2007: Pear Magazine is two years old today! New teen columnist, Kayla Tarr, a bright light for our planet’s future! Conscious teens networking together via Conscious Connections! Interview with Heidi & Justin Ohlander from Raw Food, Right Now! chronicles how this couple went raw in May 2004, their interviews with Hollywood celebs, and why they are passionate about their raw blog. You’ll also find out how these Minnesotans keep themselves warm with raw food in the winter. Penny Powell's her path to becoming a yoga teacher, a fun exercise to bring you greater financial abundance. The Yogic Journey Of The Orange, a meditation for developing true appreciation! Part 2 of the Angela Stokes interview, the benefits of juice feasting as opposed to juice fasting. Interview with dynamo Karen Knowler, The Raw Food Coach, and founder of Successfully Raw eZine in the UK. Riding The Waves of Life, the mood cycles of our lives and respecting the cycles of our children. Praying fervently and frequently and how this can really serve to focus us in on what it is we really want in life,

September 2007 - Manifesting Our Dreams through the Law of Attraction. “Gratitude, The Key To All Manifestations”, “Science, Raw Foods, Addiction and The Law of Attraction”, “Embracing Difficulties and Going With The Flow”, “Why I'm A New Age Christian”, “Making Miracles Happen”, “Do You Want Your Dreams To Come True” by Sonja Watt, “How Intention, Gratitude and Prayer Work Together to Create Our Reality” by Tom Flower, “Sister Circle: Sharing Manifesting Testimonials, Intentions & Song Lyrics”, “An Exercise in Envisioning”, 9 keys to following your heart, and Recommended books and films on the Law of Attraction. “The Ultimate Low-Carb Diet – Dark Leafy Greens” by Jinjee, “Why 100 Percent Raw” by Storm, an interview with Angela Stokes on overcoming obesity, and a Soul-to-Soul Interview with Darla Tarr from Wholistic Living Retreat.

In our archives of previous issues you'll also find articles on: activities in the great outdoors, interview with Richard Blackman, creator of FruitarianFitness.com, Penny's rock-climbing excursion with her son in the Appalachian Mountains, Wild Women Workshops, a camping trip in Colorado's mountains, white water rafting in Costa Rica and Mountain Biking in Peru, "A Simple Meditation Exercise", "Transitioning to Raw Foods", "Visualizing Summer Vacation", finding just the right tent for your camping trip,Melissa Gilbert's interview with Matt Monarch, author of Raw Spirit and Raw Success, detoxifying through a raw-vegan diet, Valerie Winters' Green Smoothie Experiment in which she shed 528 pounds, and has consumed only green smoothies since March 5, 2007. Greens and Weeds provides green tidbits and delightful green pictures. Little Sprouts Day Care! An Australian single mother of two finding her freedom through organics. A review of the Celestialwich, a raw sandwich that can be ordered online, the dangers of Raw Chocolate, an interview with four raw vegan teens, how to make your own raw organic moisturizers, Black Raw Food History in celebration of Black History Month, a raw food restaurant review of Present Moment Café, how to stretch your raw food further, a funny look at how on earth we started drinking cow's milk anyway, curing headaches with yoga, enjoying solitude, film reviews, resources, inspiration, quotes, vibrant photographs, recipes...

You'll also find articles on: Holistic Dentistry, Quantum Raw, The Quantum Cleaning Challenge, ChakRaw, The 14 day Raw Vegan Healing Diet Plan, Survival tips for eating Raw in Cold Climates, Eating Raw-Vegan on a Budget, Raw Food Restaurants, Conquering Addiction, Dealing with Emotional Eating, Reprogramming Your Rate of Aging, Pot Psychology, Guerilla Housecleaning, the Circumcision Question, Girls Overcoming Abuse, Moon-Sensitivity and Moods, Owning the Creative Joys of Marketing Ourselves, Artists Bypassing Corporations, Myth-Busting, New Favorite Recipes, Healing The Spirit of our Planet, DNA as God's Software, the Yin and Yang of Bi-Partisan Politics, How Story leads us to Meanings and Values, Finding your Unique Destiny, The Air Car, a community dedicated to changing the world,

The Holistic Moms Network, Raw Any Way You Like It, Traveling In the Raw, The Joy of Windowsill Gardens, Rebounding, Abundance Consciousness, Global Warming, fun ways to introduce your children to the realities of where our food comes from, video clips of Dr. David Jubb M.D. on Gender Roles, The Circular Workout, the Toronto Raw Food Scene with a visit to an Indoor Sprout Farm, The Life Restaurant video, a CBS news segment on raw foods, raw recipe preparation, a Mother's Day section/additional issue, Raw teen Ian, son of Angela Elliott author of the new raw food uncook-book Alive in Five, interview with 65 year old 40-years-raw-vegan beauty Annette Larkins, taking a Mom to a raw restaurant, a recipe from Alive In 5, spring clearing and cleaning, taking full advantage of perfect nature, an interview with Scott Jackson, who lost 110 lbs. in 6 months on the 100% raw vegan diet, The Simple Life, Paul Nison’s journey from the hustle and bustle of Wall Street to a slower pace, the healing properties of bananas, Eating Naturally, a funny and insightful look at our obsession with man-altered foods, so-called-natural superfoods, and supplements, energy healing, “Ways of Nature” , “Paradoxes of Prayer” , an excerpt from Penny’s journal with photos, a family’s celebration of Earth Day, living and parenting as naturally as possible and sharing this way of life with other families, and much more!!!

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